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Hey everyone. Just a quick post to let you know what we've been up to around here....and also to let you know that we have a special offer for our LJ friends.

Starting today, through Thanksgiving, every order over $20 will recieve a free miniature gift set (retail value $4) that includes a 1 ounce whipped body frosting and a 1 ounce bar of soap (goats milk, shea butter, or glycerin) in a decorative gift box. Supplies are limited, so start your holiday shopping early to take advantage of this special offer.

For our friends who have friends who may want to order, you may extend this offer to them as well, or direct them to this post. Just mention LJ in the notes to seller section during checkout through our etsy shop, and we will include your gift set when we ship. Due to limited supplies on hand, please allow us to pick the scent of the gift set. You can see a full description of the gift set here.

Here are some other lovely things we've been working on:

Yuletide:  A nice nutty "manly" holiday smell (as opposed to the peppermint and fruitier scents).  Chestnuts, pine, a bit of citrus and musk, round out this scent, suitable for either men or women - we've had rave reviews from both.  *And* its stunning!

pictureCollapse )

And, a sample pic of our new body frostings:

picturesCollapse )


Because every month has been turned into an "awareness month", and because each of us, in some way, has been touched by something that we think everyone needs to be made aware of, and also because of a conversation with a friend of mine recently...I'm am debating the idea of making monthly contributions to a charity of some sort. 

For example, this month, September, is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month (among others).  As many of you know, T and I lost our daughter September 15, 2002.  October, as many people know, is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

I've been tossing the idea around in my head, because of a few conversations, and this is me trying to sort it all out in my head, only I'm no good at that, so I'm doing it in writing instead. 

The basic gist of the first conversation, was that, in order to make a real go of making Heathen's Hearth a real business, we needed to charge competitive prices for our products, regardless of how I felt personally, I needed to take enough pride in what I was doing, to charge the prices that reflected both my personal philosophy not to commit highway robbery, but would also not be so low as to give off the impression that our products were somehow sub-standard when compared to everyone else's. 

The second conversation was a talk about making a comprimise.  I don't necessarily feel that we need to be rolling in dough (though really, at this early stage of the game, we're not anywhere close to that kind of thing) or charging what I personally feel to be high prices (the prices we're charging are a fairly happy middle ground, not as high as some, not as low as others).  So the second suggestion was, to make donations to charity for a portion of each sale, that way, I can charge what everyone thinks we should be charging, but only making what I think is fair. 

So, the point to all this rambling, is the thought that every month, 10% of the profits should be donated to which ever charity we feel best aligns with the monthly awareness.  I guess this got brought up, because, as of today its been 5 years, 11 months and 25 days since we lost Tarra.  Which makes September not only Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, but also, the anniversary of losing her to childhood cancer. 

I haven't brought it up with M yet.  I don't know that she'd have an issue with it.  I doubt it.  But these are the random thoughts of the night.

*edit*  I tried to put this under a cut twice...but its not letting me.  Guess its just not meant to be under one for now. 

Current List of Available Scents

I know you guys are being mildly inundated here, so bear with us as we work on getting all of this information organized.

Behind the cuts are the lists of currently available soaps. All of our soaps using Goats Milk are created using natural herbs, extracts and pure essential oils. All of the soaps using Shae Butter as a base are scented with perfume grade fragrance oils and colored with cosmetic grade colorants.

We can make exceptions to this quite easily, all you need to do is make a custom order request. We are happy to do any combination of herb, essiential oil, and/or fragrance oil in any of the bases we have available. We have about 30 different bar designs available and can use your favorite design, making your soap selections completely customizable.

For custom orders, questions, or more information, contact myself or mistywitch1978 here in LJ, or by email at .


Heathen's Hearth has begun manufacturing!!!!

While waiting on supplies for the actual Pantheon Line to start, we're batching a bunch of herbals straight out of the kitchen--erm--hearth.  

Thus far we have: a great all skin exfoliating soap with Oatmeal, Honey and Molasses; a nice relaxing Lavender Herbal;  a very refreshing natural Mint; a lovely anytime Strawberry Cream Cake; a spicy, mildly exfoliating Spice Bars that includes Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Allspice (smells almost like a cookie!); and also a Lavender Mint that is a bit more zesty than the plain mint. 

All of the soaps are in a Goat's Milk base.  They are extra-creamy, make really great lather, and the bars will last longer than standard soap.  Even on skin that is usually dry and sensitive after using soap, feels smooth and soft after using this great soap (I should know, I have used bath gels exclusively for 15 years because of that problem). 

mistywitch1978 has more details on her LJ, please stop by for a visit.  She also has pictures, which I will endeavor to post later to save you the click.  

Most bars are already packaged and ready to go at this point.  We're probably going to set up an store in the near future, but for now, if any of this interests you, you can also email either of us at .  You may also leave a comment here, or on Misty's posts concerning the same topic, and we can message you through LJ for further information.

The bars all range from 4-5oz (mostly 5), are individually shrink wrapped for freshness.  They're handmade with no preservatives or added colors.  Most, if not all of them contain some natural botanicals (typically what's on the label) that are all food/cosmetic grade.  

Individual bars are $4.50 each or 5 for $20, if you order them through the email above or through these LJ Posts.  Later, once we post them on Etsy, or whatever other online retailer we wind up with, we will be offering the bars at $5 each.   Basically, my friends (or anyone else who stumbles upon this journal, as these posts are not flocked) that means you get a .50 - $1 discount per bar. 

Stay tuned for more information.  Next up will be some Silk and Shea with some other great scents.


Books for Sale: The LJ version.

 Ok.  A friend of mine, due to life circumstances, is having to severely downsize her book collection.  I offered to do this for her, since I have easier access to being online, and know significantly more people who may be able to help spread the word.  Basically, she is hoping to raise some funds to help with a rather unexpected move.  She has to be out of her current home by the end of the month (about 2 weeks from now) and I would like to be able to give her whatever funds come from this by then.  

If you would like any of the books below, please comment and let me know which ones.  I will also be maintaining this list in at least 2 other places, so I'll try to keep it as up to date as I can.  I will let you know the total shipping charges after I wrap the books.  Most of them, if not all, will go out by 3rd class parcel post/book rate, to keep shipping costs down.  I will be able to accept payments by PayPal, information on that will be given to you by email/lj message after you have told me which books you would like.

So, without further ado: 


Totally posty McPosterson today

But I'm bored out of my gourd.

So, without further ado... MEMEs!!!!!!! 

Interesting Me facts.  I could survive 125 days trapped in my own home ( i do that all the time), My body could feed 12 cannibals (I think that's seriously underestimated), and I talk 34% more than other bloggers.  And that's just the non-flocked posts.  Yeah.  I talk a lot. 


Say what?

 In the dear stupid comm...the following was posted...addressed to a 4 year old.

I LOVE YOU!!! i do! really. but you get on my last freaking nerve! Why can't you just listen to me for just once!? I understand that you have "A.D.H.D" and all, but come on! even on your pills you don't listen! WHY????? aaah. You don't eat your dinner, you scream and yell and run around the house uncontrolably,

Umm... lady...its a 4 year old.  They do things like that unless you discipline them and teach them how to behave themselves at the appropriate times.  Drugging your kid is not parenting, its abuse.  

WTFO?  People make me sick.


Happy Birthday!


shesqueals       and scinnlaeca  [Unknown LJ tag]


Oh goodie goodie

The gov't is finally done tinkering with the pay... 2 months late and about 10 bucks a month short... and all because....*OH NOES!!!11!!1!!* We might have been delayed in giving the rag heads more money~!,15240,160993,00.html just had to be done.

And because of conversations had elsewhere on the web... I did it.

anyone who's ever met us will need one of these...and heaven's help those who actually get to wear the Honorary Member one.  They're probaly in need of more help than even we are!


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